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About Us

Jing zhou stage equipment rental network, to create is a specializing in audio and lighting rental and installation and commissioning of integrated professional website and in the southern area of Jiangsu Province biggest lighting audio rental platform TEL:13921199419. Service area: Wuxi Light and sound rental, Jiangyin lighting and sound rental, Yixing lighting and sound rental, Changzhou lighting and sound rental, Suzhou lighting and sound rental, companies at reasonable prices, rental of stage lighting and sound equipment advanced.

Company especially in Wuxi lighting lease, Wuxi sound rental, Wuxi lighting rental, Wuxi audio rental, Wuxi computer lamp rental industry has a high reputation. Series of light: 1200W computer lights, 2kW light, led par lights, strobe, the computer lights control and sound, camera equipment leasing, projector rental, LED large screen rental. Since the establishment of Wuxi King Ye lighting and sound rental network focused on their own development and the market demand changes in a timely manner to capture the business opportunities and in the competition in the market continuously improve service quality, expand the scope of the company's services. Numerous hosted exhibitions and performances. The content includes the government public service activities, and large enterprise annual meeting, company celebration ceremony, all kinds of new releases, community commercial speech and all kinds of large, medium and small theatrical performances. Has a variety of professional audio, lighting, video equipment and conference equipment, but also has a professional experience, work style rigorous, high-quality team of work. Wuxi Jing Ye sound lease welcome you!